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WELP, I've now lost my bingo card virginity. Because somebody knew to ask indirectly for the Urbine button to be pushed on the crack machine ([ profile] trek_crackbingo) AND WE ALL KNOW I STOOD NO CHANCE AGAINST SUCH A FORCE SO jkfld;asjkl;

And then the magical mod gave me--honestly--a card beyond my wildest dreams. I AM EXCITE! :D:D:D:D

Behind heeeeerrrreee. )

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Here be the place I store mah drabbles (less than 500 words, give or take) that were born on other people's journals. I make no claims as to their quality. XB

boots-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, NC-17) )

car-related (Star Trek AOS, Kirk/McCoy, R) )

zombies-related (Star Trek AOS, gen, pg-13 )

small-of-the-back-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

inappropriate-touching-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

Karl's-lips-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

Mothers' Day-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl UST) )

Cowboy-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl UST) )

Hair-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, PG-13) )

Leaving-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

Sharpie-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, NC-17) )

Lesbian folk music-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris, Zach, R) )

Snapshot-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

Ninja-related (Star Trek AOS RPF, Chris/Karl, PG) )

Puppy-related (Supernatural RPF, J2 gen, G) )

Hickey-related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Karl, PG-13) )

Eyelid-kissing related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Karl, PG-13) )

Truth or Dare-related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Zach, PG-13) )

Volume-related (Supernatural RPF, Jared/Jensen, R) )

Bigger in person-related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Karl, PG-13) )

location-related (Merlin, Merlin/Gwaine, R) )

Thanksgiving-related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Zach/Zoe, PG-13) )

hand-holding related (Harry Potter, Ron/Hermione, PG) )

Not-Smoking related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Karl, PG) )

Cello related (Star Trek reboot RPF, Chris/Karl, R) )

Drabble Keeper, part 2


Aug. 25th, 2009 11:26 am
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Fandom, oh fandom. ♥__♥

Here be a list of places I have haunted, and maybe still haunt, in this great game we call the internets. AKA: You might have seen me around these parts. :B

Harry Potter (stories removed)
Fiction Alley (only a couple stories)
The Restricted Section (only a couple stories)
The Smutty Classroom / The Smutty Project (list and site closed and purged)
Checkmated (removed all stories but one, no longer active)
The Quidditch Pitch (complete archival, no longer active)
Skyehawke (most HP stories archived, not active)

Sports Night
[ profile] snarchive

Star Trek / Star Trek RPF
[ profile] ontd_startrek
[ profile] kirk_mccoy
[ profile] jim_and_bones

Supernatural / Supernatural RPF
[ profile] crack_impala
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This is everything I have ever published, in alphabetical order by fandom. The posting dates are reliable for authorial chronology except in the case of the HP stories, which have been moved and reposted about a billion times; it's safe to say at this point they're all AU anyways so just roll with it. XB

Note: I love constructive criticism on my writing; I also love giving concrit on other people's writing. However! I know this is not how most people roll, a lesson learned the hard way many years ago, so I will not give it without explicit permission. (Or unless it's an obvious typo, which I think is generally acceptable? Yes/no?) But I do have a pretty healthy writing background, with a writing-intense education that included private high school and several specific short-story classes at Whittier, so I usually have something to say about every story, both pros and cons, plus I can take a hit. I can take lots of hits. So please, please, if you ever want to say something critical about my a story of mine, do so! And if you want me to do the same, let me know!

Harry Potter

Leverage )


Merlin RPF )

Sports Night )

Star Trek AOS

Star Trek AOS RPF

Supernatural RPF )

crossovers )

podfic )
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NOTES: This is ever-evolving/always under construction. Feel free to suggest stories or inform me of broken links in the comments. And I should warn you: my tastes are... kinda strange. ALSO: I highly encourage you to leave comments at the stories. Doesn't matter how old the fic is. Just do it. :D

A note on categories: PU = Parallel Universe, where canon is mostly the same, just with a twist that we know not to be true in the universe. AU = Alternate Universe, where all bets are off.

Fast & Furious RPF )

Harry Potter

Leverage )

Merlin & Merlin RPF

Oceans # )

Pirates of the Caribbean )



Sherlock (tv)

Sports Night

Star Trek (reboot) and Star Trek (reboot) RPF

Supernatural & Supernatural RPF

Wonderfalls )

X-Files )

X-Men First Class )

crossovers )


May. 1st, 2008 07:22 am
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So I've been collecting quotes since sometime around age 14. Weird quotes, deep quotes, cheesy quotes, funny quotes, quote I live by, quotes I don't agree with at all... they're all here. When I was in college, I plastered them up on my wall, whole sheets of them, so people would have something to do in my room. I love words, baby.

(Some don't have names attached, either by my fault or others, and I apologize. Please feel free to add/correct such things! (p) means paraphrased to the best of my ability.)


Sometimes the paper is the only thing that will listen to you. )


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