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fic: 'It Didn't Happen Like This' (aka Frat Boy 12) (Urbine) (NC-17)


It didn't happen like this.
Or: Part the Last of the Frat Boy Series

Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Length: 5,360
Summary: A trip to the past, and three little words.
Warnings: Rimming, alcohol abuse, bros, uncouth language. A whole lot of cameos by guys I knew in college.

Notes: Well, here we are, y'all. At the end of a journey that started nearly seven years ago.

Upon first thinking 'huh, I should finish this', imagine my surprise when I looked at my FRAT BOY UNIVERSE doc (because I am excellent at titles) and a good chunk of it had already been written… not by me, but by my friends. So: Author Who Wishes to Remain Unnamed, [ profile] jazzy_peaches, [ profile] norfolkdumpling, [ profile] jennycarolyn, [ profile] tourdefierce, and jenforthewin-- I know it was a thousand years ago, but thank you. Anything funny in here was written by them, for sure. Giant thanks also to [ profile] agenttrojie and [ profile] janice_lester for not cringing TOO hard when I ask them things about New Zealand and then invariably get it wrong in execution. The two pictures that inspired me during this particular chapter are: Karl Urban the frat boy, and Urbine on a plane (or maybe train, IDK)

That's all, folks. Thanks for being along for the ride. <3

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