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I Laid My Weapons Down (With My Pistols Fully Loaded)
chris pine/karl urban 2900 words
nc-17 like you'd better believe
heavily featuring erotic asphyxiation as practiced in a loving D/s dynamic
(there's also schmoop, because thalia)

( Then there's the days like today, at the ends of weeks where Karl's been wearing a pair of headphones around his neck like a yoke, like it's too fucking much for him to deal with, like he needs the extra weight on such a precious place just to remember. The extra reminder of what could be. )
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Title: The Envy of All I See
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Rating: R for Chris's potty mouth and some smoochin'.
Length: 2,877 words.
Genre: Twee rom-com.
Summary: Karl makes ridiculous faces. Chris pretends it doesn't bother him. Zach is smarter than the rest of them combined.
Dedication: [ profile] norfolkdumpling, this is for you. <3 (I was gonna write you something with Karl in eyeliner, but this was just begging to be finished. Hope you don't mind. ^^)

Notes: This fic was started & nearly finished way back in the day (2011). I have no idea why it was abandoned, but I found it again, and just in time for a very amazing lady's birthday.
Disclaimer: Obvious fictional content in fictional. Please, please don’t sue me. And don’t be hatin, we just like the fuckin.
Credits/Sources/Inspirations/Etc: It all started with this picture, obvs, which led to a prompt from the lovely [ profile] 3_foot_6, which, yes, I already filled once, which might've been why this one was abandoned, come to think of it. But I like this one a lot, too, and some girl had a birthday, so. The title is, indeed, from Fiddler on the Roof. Thanks to [ profile] jazzy_peaches & [ profile] starsfell & the crew on Tumblr. Source credits go to When Harry Met Sally…, and, as always, Aaron motherfucking Sorkin.

( Chris notices first. )
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I wrote a bit every day for the 12 days of Christmas, posted to the Urbine tumblr, and here's the result. I did not expect it to be so... long, or full of porn, but there you go. I just can't stop with these two.

12 Ways to Romance Your Karl
because holy cats could i not think of a better title
6600 words
many silly pictures and things
all the Urbans
and some ridiculously specific location details because I did a lot of research ok
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I KNEW this would happen as soon as I had free time. Time in which I should be doing Real Things.

To be fair, I woke up, read a real book, balanced my checkbook, paid bills, wrote emails, THEN wrote this. And I SWEAR I'll not write any more until I've done some more Things.

Title: And I Give That Hope Your Name
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) cast RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Rating: R for language.
Length: 1,312 words.
Genre: First time.
Summary: Chris hates words right now. Really a lot.
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For a Postman's Fee
R for language
670 words

[I literally listened to this song on repeat while writing this. So. Yup. Prompted by norfolkdumpling posting these pictures, and my job, which let's just say involves a lot of dumb questions about iPhones and leave it at that.]

( There are like, five people alive that have Chris's house number, and four of them are most definitely asleep at this hour. )


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