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For you, my f'list, my livejournal lurkers, and the internet at large, here is a gift. Completely unauthorized, but also not for profit: me reading one of my favorite books of all time.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
by Barbara Robinson

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7

(Or, here's a zip file of the whole thing, 71 minutes total.)

From the grape juice for communion to the preacher's son always hating being Joseph to the burned applesauce cake, this book is near and dear to my childhood. You can either listen and connect to it as you relive your own, or listen and understand me--and a very large sect of American culture--a little bit more. Yes, it's religious, but you can ignore that if you want, or enjoy it if you want. Bottom line, it's effing hilarious. ('SHAZAM!')

Recording it was quite an experience. I laughed so hard I cried, more than once. And then at the end I just... cried.


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Reader's Stupidity Disclaimer: Okay, seriously, reading fic where the two main characters' names start with the same letter and have the same amount of syllables? IS HARD, MAN.


The amount of times I've got the wrong name in here, it pains me. But I still don't know how to re-record shit, because the program I use is smarter than me by far. I accidentally figured out how to turn the volume down (during the third part only, of course), so that's nice. But. There's one scene Jensen's not even MENTIONED in and I totally said his name instead of Jared's. SMRT, THALIA. SMRT.


Something to entice you, perhaps: This is porntastic, guys. Why? Because it's an AU about making porn! \o/ It's about Jared doing gay-for-pay... and then gay-for-Jensen, naturally. (Like you do.) So you do not have to have ANY knowledge of Supernatural, or any of the actors involved, to have a good, filthy listen.

And I do mean filthy: I actually managed to kind of get turned on by my own voice a couple of times during the editing, that's how sexy this story is. I pitched 'Jensen' super low, and, well, made the most of the pornicity involved. Unf unf.


Relax, It's Just Sex
by [ profile] alwayseven
read by [ profile] thalialunacy
Supernatural RPS AU
Jared/Jensen (minor Jared/Sandy & Jared/Chad)
NC-17 frealz
3 parts
2 hrs 24 min total

text here
.zip here

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So this was just for funsies, because I am wandering around on my day off and felt like it. Of course I pick the mildly depressing story, lol. IDK, I tried this thing so it wouldn't be so loud, but instead it's kind of lispy and mildly tinny. LOL. ART IS PAIN, RIGHT?

Button Down
by me
Star Trek reboot RPF
Chris / Karl
NC-17, 8:52

text here
mp3 here

SideNote: Ani is the best Urbine background music. Ever. 'I will be picturesque; I will be nice. I won't do anything you can't tell your wife.'

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Another one of my top five Urbines, this story is fucking awesome. It's so funny I burst into laughter several times while recording. (Which all got edited out, lol, no fear.) But it made me love Cho (ho shit, reading him was f-u-n FUN), and because of this story, I cannot see a bottle of Vitamin Water without grinning. XB

The recording's not perfect -- hahah yeah Kiwi accent is hard, okay, and some parts are too loud, and I misread some names and didn't realize it at the time and have I mentioned Audacity sucks? so it's stuck there for life. I'm totally mortified, but y'all're smart, you'll figure out who it's supposed to be. ^^ (Hint: this is a bottom!Karl story.) And a new winner came out of the 'surprisingly difficult phrases to say' competition: 'Chris finishes his sandwich.' I had to do it like five times.

Oh, and while I was willing to pretend to be Chris pretending to be Phil Collins, I did not attempt to pretend to be Lady Gaga. So here's the track: 'Love Games' by Lady Gaga.

Disco Stick (aka Karl Can't Dance or the Lady GaGa Chronicles)
by [ profile] withthepilot
Chris/Karl NC-17

text here
mp3 here



Feb. 17th, 2011 11:55 am
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[ profile] pslasher requested it, and I figure Trisha wouldn't mind. I call this the Come to Jesus fic. It converted at least two Urbine-ites, myself included. First-person Chris, dominant Karl... Yum. Everybody send a little kiss to the heavens, where I'm pretty sure the author is partying it up with the Marauders. ♥

Don't Say My Name
by [ profile] simons_flower
NC-17 (no joke, it's pwp) Chris/Karl

text here
mp3 here
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(ETA because yes, I did the accents. Accent? Accent and a half? I tried to differentiate between the chick's and Karl's, but I am not that good. There's also singing. And giggles. Seriously this is the most masturbatory podfic ever; me reading my own Mary Sue lolol. But I had fun. :D)

In my defense, it was requested by more than one person. >.>

Found Your Writing on My Wall aka The Mary Sue
by... me.
Chris/OFC --> Chris/Karl
NC-17 (het & slash)
1hr 21min

text here
mp3 here

I still fucking hate Audacity. I probably should split this into two files, but... I don't know how. XB :sporks it:
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[eta opened the entry now that the author has heard the file and approved]

So, despite hating Audacity with a fucking passion, podfic happened today. All I can figure out how to do is record the whole thing then delete the bad bits, not re-do anything, so it's not perfect (there are at least three words I should've looked up beforehand, lol; I'll leave you to figure out which ones and oh god please ignore the accents), but it's... not bad.

The story is one of my top five Urbines. It just feels so real, and yet romantic. It's sexy, heartfelt, funny, and KARL. KARL KARL KARL.

The Shapes a Bright Container Can Contain
by [ profile] blcwriter
Trek reboot RPS: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
NC-17, 35:26

text here
mp3 here

Man, reading porn aloud is a whole new ballgame. lolol Are there... places I should cross-post this? Besides [ profile] pinecity, because I'm a mod there so pffft I do what I want. XB I AM NEWB. HALP.
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This is everything I have ever published, in alphabetical order by fandom. The posting dates are reliable for authorial chronology except in the case of the HP stories, which have been moved and reposted about a billion times; it's safe to say at this point they're all AU anyways so just roll with it. XB

Note: I love constructive criticism on my writing; I also love giving concrit on other people's writing. However! I know this is not how most people roll, a lesson learned the hard way many years ago, so I will not give it without explicit permission. (Or unless it's an obvious typo, which I think is generally acceptable? Yes/no?) But I do have a pretty healthy writing background, with a writing-intense education that included private high school and several specific short-story classes at Whittier, so I usually have something to say about every story, both pros and cons, plus I can take a hit. I can take lots of hits. So please, please, if you ever want to say something critical about my a story of mine, do so! And if you want me to do the same, let me know!

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