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This year I wrote and posted:

04.04.15 At Least They're Not Star Wars PJs (Leverage, Hardison/Eliot 1shot)
04.27.15 Bad Case of Loving You (Leverage, Hardison/Eliot 1shot)
08.30.15 Life in the Key of C-Sharp (Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, reversebb)
12.12.15 Worth It (Star Trek AOS, Kirk/McCoy rom com)

Overall Thoughts:
That makes me sad. It's so twee. Where are my words? I need to tend to them.

kind of a downer year, ngl )
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an AO3 meme, as seen on [ profile] sunnyrea's journal

AO3 Works Stats, now in handy top 5 form )

So that's a pretty good segue into a thing I've been figuring out -- I'm taking a break from writing. I think I'm going to finish [ profile] reel_merlin but I'm honestly not sure. It's stressing me out, and if I'm not doing it for money then it's not worth the stress. I need to not let my sense of self-worth be based on the response to my fanfiction, which it largely is right now. Trek fandom built it up, bless them, and now I am falling hard flat on my face. And that sucks. And the rest of my self-esteem is not helped by reading other people's amazing romantic fiction, while I sit here alone and unwanted.

Plus, reality calls. You would not believe the amount of knitting I have to do. XB
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A little early, I suppose, but I HIGHLY doubt I'll get anything more written in the next three days, lol, considering I'll be housesitting and still (fucking still) have the flu.

There's a lot of Arthur being a knob in here. )
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Le End O' Year Fic Roundup Meme )


And now back to THE ALL-CONSUMING PROJECT lolol

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Thalia: I see that 'post bits of your WIPs' thing going around.
Thalia: It would be ridic for me to do.
Peaches: Which means you of course must do it.
Thalia: ...dammit.

Post a paragraph from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one paragraph! [okay I'm at least going to separate into fandoms, fuck that, lol, and I might have to use dialogue because, well, that's what I write]

la la la )


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