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I had the idea for this fic like... a year and a half ago? Pretty much when I started watching SPN; I'd been reading J2 before that but it really didn't click until I watched the show and watched interviews and realized exactly how huge Jared is. And then I, IDK, figured no one would want to read it, so it fell by the wayside. Until last week, when for some reason, whatever J2 I was reading at the time triggered an obsessive need to finish it, lol. And now I'm kind of in love with it. We must write the porn we want to see, after all.

Title: You’re the Deuce I Don’t Wanna Drop
Author: thalia ([ profile] thalialunacy)
Fandom: Supernatural cast RPF
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Genre: Non-AU future-fic containing porn and manly feelings.
Length: 3,265 words.
Summary: Basically, everybody who’d seen Jared in anything less chaste than a snow parka swore up and down he was hung like a damn porn star.
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Disclaimer: I don’t know these people, and I don’t claim to.
Warning: This is not your mother’s romance novel. There’s poop jokes, and dick jokes, and staying in the closet, and Jensen is the one who goes by ‘J’. But I don’t write anything without love and a bit with a dog a happy ending, so it’s worth the ride.
Author’s Note: I can personally assure you that everything in here about big & tall men is absolutely plausible; I can’t say more than that without embarrassing some people in my past and present, so you’ll just have to trust me.
Dedication: To [ profile] janice_lester. Not because I wrote it for her, but because she’s been particularly inspiring lately. And that ain’t hay.
Credits: The title is something my buddy Amy says about her man-friend. ‘Lizard brain’ is a Dan Savage-ism, I stole one quote from The Cutting Edge, and obvious Mallrats line is obvious.

Jared, for all he’s been with women for the past twenty-five years, sure dives into Jensen’s pants like a champ. )
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Reader's Stupidity Disclaimer: Okay, seriously, reading fic where the two main characters' names start with the same letter and have the same amount of syllables? IS HARD, MAN.


The amount of times I've got the wrong name in here, it pains me. But I still don't know how to re-record shit, because the program I use is smarter than me by far. I accidentally figured out how to turn the volume down (during the third part only, of course), so that's nice. But. There's one scene Jensen's not even MENTIONED in and I totally said his name instead of Jared's. SMRT, THALIA. SMRT.


Something to entice you, perhaps: This is porntastic, guys. Why? Because it's an AU about making porn! \o/ It's about Jared doing gay-for-pay... and then gay-for-Jensen, naturally. (Like you do.) So you do not have to have ANY knowledge of Supernatural, or any of the actors involved, to have a good, filthy listen.

And I do mean filthy: I actually managed to kind of get turned on by my own voice a couple of times during the editing, that's how sexy this story is. I pitched 'Jensen' super low, and, well, made the most of the pornicity involved. Unf unf.


Relax, It's Just Sex
by [ profile] alwayseven
read by [ profile] thalialunacy
Supernatural RPS AU
Jared/Jensen (minor Jared/Sandy & Jared/Chad)
NC-17 frealz
3 parts
2 hrs 24 min total

text here
.zip here

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Title: The Power of Voodoo
Author: Thalia :D ([ profile] thalialunacy)
Fandom: Supernatural cast RPF
Pairing: Jared Padalecki / Jensen Ackles
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Length: 1,497 words.
Genre: Short first-time PWP sex0rs, semi-AU due to there being no wife-related guilt.
Summary: There are Voodoo Doughnuts on set. Jared has some. And then he has some Jensen.
Disclaimer: Obviously fictional content is FICTIONAL. I don't claim to know these people. Please, please don't sue me. And don't be hatin, we just like the fuckin.
Notes/Sources/Etc: Author's first SPN fic! The title was lovingly taken from The Labyrinth. Intern Chad is based on someone I know from work. My Oregonian buddy [ profile] 427's description of Voodoo went like this: "they sell donuts. / they only accept cash. / everything is pink. / there are always hipsters." One line was taken indirectly from Wonderfalls.

Jensen rolls his eyes. Jared and his Gay Chicken. He is not rising to the bait today. )
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Here be the place I store mah drabbles (less than 500 words, give or take) that were born on other people's journals. I make no claims as to their quality. XB

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Drabble Keeper, part 2


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