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It didn't happen like this.
Or: Part the Last of the Frat Boy Series

Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Length: 5,360
Summary: A trip to the past, and three little words.
Warnings: Rimming, alcohol abuse, bros, uncouth language. A whole lot of cameos by guys I knew in college.

Notes: Well, here we are, y'all. At the end of a journey that started nearly seven years ago.

Upon first thinking 'huh, I should finish this', imagine my surprise when I looked at my FRAT BOY UNIVERSE doc (because I am excellent at titles) and a good chunk of it had already been written… not by me, but by my friends. So: Author Who Wishes to Remain Unnamed, [ profile] jazzy_peaches, [ profile] norfolkdumpling, [ profile] jennycarolyn, [ profile] tourdefierce, and jenforthewin-- I know it was a thousand years ago, but thank you. Anything funny in here was written by them, for sure. Giant thanks also to [ profile] agenttrojie and [ profile] janice_lester for not cringing TOO hard when I ask them things about New Zealand and then invariably get it wrong in execution. The two pictures that inspired me during this particular chapter are: Karl Urban the frat boy, and Urbine on a plane (or maybe train, IDK)

That's all, folks. Thanks for being along for the ride. <3
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L I B, I did not think this would get finished today... but it did. I was actually headed towards working on what will be the last chapter in the Frat Boy series, then Vicki handed me more ammunition... and this happened instead. LOL. But the 12th and final part will happen at some point in the nearish future.

Title: Frat Boy 11ish: Let’s Investigate Our Distance
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) cast RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Genre: Established (polyamorous) relationship ficlet.
Length: 1,706 words.
Summary: Chris talks Karl into phone sex somehow. He's not really sure how.
References: this photoset of Karl, shot by Patrik Giardino & released Septemberish.
Notes: Prompted by & written for [ profile] norfolkdumpling, who came up with about a hundred different awesome scenarios for Urbine phonesex. This is not one of them, lol, but I hope it will suffice. ^^ Fills the UST square (technically...) on my [ profile] trek_crackbingo card. The title is my mis-interpretation of some song lyrics by Fun.
Disclaimer: I don’t know these people, and I don’t claim to. So please, please don’t sue me. And don’t be hatin, we just like the fuckin.

Karl resists the urge to knock his head against the wall. ‘You're impossible. It was an action shoot.’ Chris's snort gets eye-rolled and steam-rolled. ‘It wasn't sexy and it wasn't pornographic.’ )


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