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Title: You're Only in Trouble if You Get Caught
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Wherein Arthur is a princess with ambition and Merlin is a dangly sorcerer who can’t help but nick things. Add in a marriage decree, an OAP named Gaius, a really complicated spell, and stir.

Genre: Canon-era fairytale AU, where everyone's pretty happy and gayness & magic are both on a kind of non-death-y don't-ask-don’t-tell level.
Prompt: Very loosely based on Disney's Aladdin, from which came the title.
Rating: R for sexual situations
Length: >15k

( Court is actually *more* boring as a noble than as a servant, something which Merlin quite honestly hadn't thought was possible. On the third day, as it goes on, and on, and *on*, he considers requesting a bit of embroidery to work on, as some of the other ladies have, but realises quickly that he'd be rubbish at it and give the game away. So he merely sits and tries not to fidget as Ceremonial Dagger Number Fifteen is given to Lord Whatsit for a thing he did in aught-thirty. )
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I have a lot of thoughts, but none of them appropriate, so I'll just leave these here if anybody's interested.

Bonus Challenge was costume-themed, but I, uh, took some liberties. XB
He Shoots, He Scores!
Arthur/Merlin, PG, 248 words

FUCK OR DIE CHALLENGE meant I finally got to write a trope I first heard of in the J2 fandom, because I have only read the first Twilight book and had no idea okay.
Never Felt So Glad To Be So Beyond Repair
Arthur/Merlin, NC-17, 975 words

and that's it. TA-DA.


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