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Title: How to Fake a Miracle, Or: It's Not Necromancy If You're Doing it For Love

Author(s): [ profile] thalialunacy
Artist: [ profile] argentsleeper

Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur (plus Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ria Torres, Eli Loker, Cal Lightman, Gillian Foster, Parker, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux, and a few wee OCs)
Rating: R for language and sexual situations
Word Count: ~30k
Warnings: Crossover with Supernatural, the Fast & Furious franchise, Lie to Me, and Leverage.


Waiting a thousand years drives Merlin to do some things he wouldn't otherwise do. Boost cars, like. Hunt demons, maybe. Trust Americans, despite better instincts.

But when all he's got is the clothes on his back and the weight of time on his shoulders, it's all too easy to end up in the middle of the woods of the northern Pacific coast of the States with two brothers named Sam & Dean, chanting dead words over an ancient sigil, trying to bring back the one thing that has ever, ever mattered to him.

And when King Arthur wakes up in their crappy hotel room sometime later, spouting a language Merlin hasn't heard in a very, very long time, well, he might well just think he's figured everything out.

Spoiler alert: He hasn't.

YO: This is an Arthur-back-from-the-dead story. It's a supernatural caper of rather large proportions, with a strong dash of snark and a bouquet of happily ever after. Enjoy. :D
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I got a really well-known author for my Merlin Remix assignment, and freaked out for a while. But in her note, she'd encouraged rare-pairs, and in my favorite story of hers, a side character was knitting, so... this happened.

Knit Two Together
Katie McGrath/knitting
Katie McGrath/Eoin Macken
background Colin Morgan/Bradley James
(Merlin RPF)
2252 words
R for sexual situations

Summary: In which there is a lot of laughing and blushing and geekery, as Katie tells her knitting circle a story of handmade love.

AND AND the person who got me remixed my Regency!Merthur and did an AMAZEBALLS JOB. Seriously. So, so good.
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[ profile] merlin_art_fest
banner by thecheekydragon. art by enednoviel, syllirium, and alby_mangroves.

VERY EXCITED. I completely lurked all over this bizz last year, so this year I'm being useful and helping out with some admin stuff. IT'S AN INCREDIBLE FEST. AMAZING ARTISTS, SERIOUSLY AMAZING WORK. ERRBODY GATHER ROUND. :D:D:D
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[Merlin, done Sports Night style. :D The challenge at [ profile] summerpornathon was fusion/crossover, and this entry was entirely obviously mine. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE OMG. 750 words, NC-17, humor plus some porn and schmoop. And a Neopets joke.]

Hope your CV is current, Pendragon. )
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[Well. There was a challenge at [ profile] summerpornathon to use Myths & Legends in a story. So here is a little story about Lilith, a demon, the first wife of Adam. Told in reverse, and a little off-the-charts weird, but I am in love with it.]

She kissed like she was the last person that ever would kiss, soft and slow and hurtful like the end of the world. )
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OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. THIS FIC. LOLOLOL COMEDY OF ERRORS. But it's done, and it's porny, and hopefully my Britpicker doesn't think I'm TOTALLY daft. Just... a little daft. >.>

Anyways, here's a hangover present for Emily, whenever she wakes up. ♥ ETA: she woke up, and left me an obscenely gorgeous comment on AO3, so my life is complete

Title: Quitters Never Win
(Or: Watch Where You’re Sticking That Patch
Or: Suck on This Instead)

Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Genre: modern AU, porny rom-com
Rating: NC-17, yar
Length: 8,682 words
Summary: In which Arthur tries to quit smoking, Merlin decidedly doesn’t, and there’s a lot of sex. And nicotine patches, and hand-rolled cigarettes. And feelings.

Dedication: For [ profile] tourdefierce, of course.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters; nobody does, but I did use the likeness as should be credited to other people. No profit made or insult intended.
Notes: All credit for this fic should go to [ profile] tourdefierce. I just wrote what she said. There are also little nods to Wonderfalls, Sports Night, and, you know, every rom-com ever written. And special thanks for [ profile] gingifere for being my British eyes, and doing so with alacrity and enthusiasm.

‘Well, this went from zero to porno in two minutes flat.’ )
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Title: Mad Merlin and the Bartender of his (Slightly Crazy) Dreams
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Genre: modern AU rom com
Rating: PG, wtf
Length: 1,396 words
Summary: Merlin is totally okay with stuffed animals talking to him. They don’t tell him to set anybody on fire, so it must be all right. Except for how it really, really isn’t.
Notes: Fusion with the show Wonderfalls; I originally started it as an attempt at an entry for [ profile] summerpornathon, but it ran away from me and two hours later I just couldn’t bear to cut it. A lot of the dialogue is lifted from the series. Just… have fun with it, yeah? And watch the show if you can; it’s genius.

The straw that broke the Merlin’s back (…so to speak) was when the tiny stuffed dragon told him to ring 999 from the pub’s phone and hang up. )
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(Merlin, Merlin/Arthur etc, crack, 750 words, title by Ern, written for [ profile] summerpornathon, prompt was fuck-or-die.)

It started with murmurs and whispers around the castle. )
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(Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, 739 words, NC-17. written for this image (nsfw) prompt at [ profile] summerpornathon for [ profile] teamenvy.)

Maille does not a perfect warrior make. )
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SO HERE'S THE FIC THAT ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE OF CAFFEINE. I worked at a car dealership for three years in between degrees, and the boss's son was a DICK. A well-dressed, smart dick, but a dick nonetheless. And since I like to fix my real life with fic... this got written. XB

[oi, Merlin fandom, where should I post this? >.>]

Title: Dealer Takes All

Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Genre: AU rom-com
Rating: NC-17, yar
Length: 3,552 words
Cheerleader: [ profile] tourdefierce
Brit-babe: [ profile] sangueuk

Summary: In which Arthur’s the prat son of a car dealership owner and Merlin’s the lowly title/wholesale/billing clerk. (And then there’s sex. And possibly feelings. Oh who am I kidding, there’s so much schmoop in here you will need a damn dentist.)
Notes: THEY SAY WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. Except my GM’s son wasn’t half this awesome. Or attractive.

Arthur cleared his throat once, adjusted said tie, and tilted up his chin like nothing had been amiss. ‘Never. I’m a man that knows how to tie a tie.’ )


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