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in particular, my Hardison Leverage Bestie [ profile] canonisrelative is donating her knitted goods and/or fic here!
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more signal boosting lol

[ profile] crack_impala is getting re-vamped and going to re-launch soon!!

WE NEED HELP. If anybody out there is reading enough of any SPN fic (RPF, FPF, gen, AUs, all of the above, none of the above, what the heck ever) to recommend one story a week, PLEASE SIGN UP. :D

Otherwise known as: Fandom, Thalia clearly cannot quit you. And you know what? That's okay. :B


Feb. 27th, 2014 01:55 pm
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um or signal boost I guess but not of the 'give money' or 'fight for a cause' persuasion

THIS ONE IS ABOUT LOVE. a little late but evs. Love is good alla time. :D

I have no idea who this person is or why this happened lolol but a friend from Merlin linked it and LO AND BEHOLD my name was on it!!


Valentine's Day Game!

I promise I'll be back eventually to tell all the things but I must away
good day <3
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So. This is what I've been up to. I just love these guys. What can I say.

Title: There is No Wrong Way
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) cast RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine/Karl Urban
Summary: Chris spends a week at Casa de Urban, where the water is backwards and the furniture is abused.
Rating: NC-17, yar.
Length: 2,405.
Genre: uh not-super-porny established polyamorous… thingy
Notes: Okay so this was prompted by [ profile] alby_mangroves's love of wanking, only… she prompted something 99.9% different. She did supply the perfect title, though. Also, it was supposed to be a drabble. I don't know. I do know that I directly quoted Sports Night. Twice. Tell me you're surprised.

( He's not new at this, okay. )
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A little early, I suppose, but I HIGHLY doubt I'll get anything more written in the next three days, lol, considering I'll be housesitting and still (fucking still) have the flu.

There's a lot of Arthur being a knob in here. )
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Reader's Stupidity Disclaimer: Okay, seriously, reading fic where the two main characters' names start with the same letter and have the same amount of syllables? IS HARD, MAN.


The amount of times I've got the wrong name in here, it pains me. But I still don't know how to re-record shit, because the program I use is smarter than me by far. I accidentally figured out how to turn the volume down (during the third part only, of course), so that's nice. But. There's one scene Jensen's not even MENTIONED in and I totally said his name instead of Jared's. SMRT, THALIA. SMRT.


Something to entice you, perhaps: This is porntastic, guys. Why? Because it's an AU about making porn! \o/ It's about Jared doing gay-for-pay... and then gay-for-Jensen, naturally. (Like you do.) So you do not have to have ANY knowledge of Supernatural, or any of the actors involved, to have a good, filthy listen.

And I do mean filthy: I actually managed to kind of get turned on by my own voice a couple of times during the editing, that's how sexy this story is. I pitched 'Jensen' super low, and, well, made the most of the pornicity involved. Unf unf.


Relax, It's Just Sex
by [ profile] alwayseven
read by [ profile] thalialunacy
Supernatural RPS AU
Jared/Jensen (minor Jared/Sandy & Jared/Chad)
NC-17 frealz
3 parts
2 hrs 24 min total

text here
.zip here


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