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Title: Parallel Motion (Or: Fate, Crunchy Cheetos, and a Bunch of Other Things Chris Pine Didn't Believe In)
Author: Thalia :D ([ profile] thalialunacy)
Artist: [ profile] karneol_vision
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot) cast RPF
Pairing: Chris Pine / Karl Urban

Art Master Post
(The art has been integrated into the story (and contains pretty significant spoilers), but you should go there and give props for the amazing work.)


In a world with a happily secret, slightly oversexed, Hollywood-centered underbelly of werewolves, Chris Pine is a reluctant hipster alpha just trying to make a name for himself and still maintain the freedom to flip off the paps and wear however many white t-shirts he wants. He has no interest in being weighed down by centuries of tradition and the responsibilities of his station; he just wants to get laid.

Then he meets Karl Urban, and finds out all the lore he never believed is actually true--there is such a thing as a perfect mate. The only hitch? This one's married. Oh, and human.

Rating: NC-17, yar
Length: 23K
Warnings: Werewolves! Knotting! Mpreg! Mangst! Copious amounts of swearing, including the (other) f-word. Reference to off-screen suicide of a minor character. I played with the trope, and the timeline. But, my dear friends, if you have any interest at all, or any faith in me, I suggest you take my hand and jump in. The water is surprisingly nice, and the boys are very pretty. XB
Disclaimer: I do not know these people, and do not claim to. Obviously fictional content is 100% fictional, and I mean no disrespect. Please, please don’t sue me. And hey, don’t be hatin, we just like the fuckin.

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Epilogue


Sources/Inspirations/Etc: Chasing Amy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snatch, my friend Anne (may she rest in peace ♥), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Emily Saliers, my BFF Ern, Dave Matthews Band, and, as always, Aaron Sorkin. Oh, and because I can, I’m calling this my ‘inexplicable technical jargon’ square on my [ profile] trek_crackbingo card.

Thanks: First, chronologically speaking, to [ profile] elucreh for leading me into J2, where this trope is popular and plentiful. Then to [ profile] janice_lester, for encouraging cross-fandom trope experimentation (and for doing her own awesome take on it). She was also a heavy-hitter on the beta team, along with [ profile] mrasaki, [ profile] gingifere, and [ profile] pslasher. The rest of my f’list was a great, great encouragement, despite (or perhaps because of) the madness contained herein. Special thanks to the Heterolifemate, [ profile] ernthealmighty, who not only had to read about it but had to put up with real life talk about it nearly every day as well. And thanks to the mods of [ profile] rpf_big_bang for putting it all together, and for being so fucking chill. So: Endless hearts, to all of you. Endless. ♥


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