Mar. 20th, 2016

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Title: The Man Who Held Up Atlas
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: R for language, violence, and adult situations
Length: 7,070 words
Summary: Five times Leonard McCoy fixed Jim Kirk’s back, and the one time he didn’t have to.
Warning: possible trigger of severe disregard for one’s own life and all that implies about one’s mental health.

Contains: Reverse chronology. Excessive schmoopiness, but bonus angst to balance it out. Cliches. Medical & canonical inaccuracies and fabrications (‘MAKING UP SCIENCE SINCE 1966’). Differing POVs. Happy ending (beginning?).
Disclaimer: Obvious lack of ownership is obvious. I make fun, not money.
Dedication: To my back. I’m sorry, buddy. Let’s make the future better than the past.
Sources/Inspirations/Etc: Brita and her chickens, [ profile] lord_colin and his McCoy, Fox Mulder, [ profile] jazzy_peaches for her insight on what a Jim Kirk midlife-crisis might look like, Memory Alpha and [ profile] canonisrelative (‘angst is my favorite color’) for knowing way too many numbers, and also for giving it a read-thru and telling me I didn’t suck.
Notes: Well holy cats. I started this story back in the heyday (2010, I’m guessing?) and re-found it, three-fifths done, while on a writing/knitting retreat with my mom in 2016. And man am I in love with it. <3_<3 And if you want to know my current headspace while finishing, put on this Ben Folds Tiny Desk concert.


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